Thursday, January 31, 2013

100th Day and a Writing FREEBIE

Here are a few more of our writings from the 100th Day.  We wrote about things we did not want.
Trey did not want 100 turkeys.

Cole did not want 100 slow cars.

Landon did not want 100 markers.

Ryan did not want 100 jobs.  Don't you love his speech bubble with him saying "No"?!

Emma did not want 100 candles.

And, Jonathan did not want 100 bikes.

You can grab my writing template for FREE here.  I created this for my kids to practice writing on lined paper and also add their picture.

Here are 2 more things I have just uploaded to TPT.
This number packet is common core aligned to practice numbers 1-10.  Find the number pack here.

And I created this Groundhog's Day reader to practice writing one of our sight words "Here".  Students also practice counting the groundhogs and then writing how many in the blank.

Happy Groundhog's Day!


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