Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Some Bunny is Ready to Learn!

I can't believe Easter is in just 5 days!  To celebrate Spring, here is a look at a few of the activities we have been working on this week.

This activity practiced some of the sight words we have been working on.  Students chose a colored egg which had a scrambled word.  They had to figure out what the word was and then write it correctly and color the egg to match.   They had a word bank to help them figure out the tricky words.

For this activity, students took turns rolling a dice and then subtracting the chicks.  They had to write the number sentence to match what they rolled.

The kids completed a search and find activity to practice sight words that they should know.

The kids love activities in which they can play against each other.  They worked with a partner, taking turns rolling a dice.  Whatever number they rolled was the number of spaces they could color on their 100s chart.  The first to get their bunny to 100 is the winner!

We practiced tens and ones.  The kids cut out equations such as 10+4=14 and then glued it to the right side of the bunny's bow.

To practice 3D shapes, the kids worked with a partner, using a spinner.  Whatever shape they landed on, they had to look for on their recording sheet and then color.  The first player to color all of the eggs is the winner.

I will be adding more to this pack. 
Click on the picture to check it out! 


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