Wednesday, March 13, 2013

St. Patrick's Day, a Birthday, and a Freebie!

First, I will begin by saying that yesterday was the second birthday of my pride and joy! 
I know, I know... he's just a little spoiled.  Here is a picture of him with a birthday bone.  It's blurry... the best I could get because he gets crazy hyper when he gets a treat!
And here is a picture of him absolutely destroying a toy my mom bought him!
Yesterday, I did a model writing lesson with the kids.  They helped me as a group to sound out, "Today is Scooter's birthday.  He is two."  After writing as a group, I turned them loose to write about anything they wanted to.  Here is a look at some of their writing.
Katelyn wrote about Scooter.  "Happy birthday.  I love Scooter!"  Don't you love her hearts and she also used an exclamation mark!
Myles wrote about Scooter also!  "Today is Scooter's birthday!  And he has a girl friend."  The kids thought it was so funny that Myles said Scooter has a girlfriend! :)

And here are two more that I thought were cute!
Emma wrote, "I love Miss Tinsley very much!"
And Ryan wrote until he ran out of room!  "Today is Luigi's birthday!  And I forgot the birthday cake and Mario got Luigi the cake.  And Mario came to Luigi's birthday."  Don't you love his drawing and that he drew a table for Luigi with a cake?!

For St. Patrick's Day I created a little mini packet.  It contains an emergent reader to practice 3D shapes and also a sheet to practice addition and subtraction.  Here is a look:
This reader practice color words, 3D shapes and addition sentences. 
The very last page allows the children to match the 3D shapes.
And lastly, to say thanks for reading this whole post, here is an alphabet assessment for FREE! :)


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