Thursday, April 4, 2013

Five for Friday~ Giveaway & Freebie

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share 5 highlights from my week.

1. I kicked off Spring break with a party!  My little cousin turned 1!  She was born last year on Easter, so she had a bunny themed birthday party.

The lady who made her cake did an awesome job! 
The cake was cute as a button and also delicious! 

Look how cute her individual cake turned out.

Here's a look at Ava as she is starting to eat the cake.

She really enjoyed the cake...

and got upset when her mom tried to take it away

so, of course her dad let her have it back!

And this is what's left of the cake!!!

     This is the last picture I'll show you of Ava, but I had to show it.  Everyone bought her the cutest gifts ever, and I bought her a practical gift....diapers....BUT, she LOVED them!  She played with them the whole time! :)

2. Over Spring break I made progress on the wedding!  I bought a veil, jewelry, and even a few gifts for those that are helping me with the wedding. 

3. Even though I'm officially off work, I am still working.  Here is a look at one of the things I made while on break.  It is a ladybug craftivity in which the kids make a cute ladybug while also finding the missing number that will make 10.  Click here to see more about the craft

4. I also created a book that can be made out of a file folder.  Here's a look:
This is the cover.  The kids can color the words and then write their name at the bottom.

This page goes on the inside of the file folder. 
They trace the definition of oviparous and then sort these pictures
by gluing them to the oviparous or not oviparous side.

This page also goes on the inside of the book. 
The kids practice labeling the shell, yolk and egg white. 
They can color the yolk yellow.

For the back cover, the kids sequence the life cycle of a frog.
These are the pictures they must cut and then glue in order.

5. And lastly here is a look at my Spring Math Centers. 

Click the picture to see it on TPT.

The kids look at the lily pad and decide how many tens and ones they see.
They then color the frog on their recording sheet to match
the square border and they also write the teen number.

For this activity, the kids count by 10s and then write the answer on their recording sheet.

For this center, the kids grab a ladybug and look at the addition sentence. 
They then color the teen number bug the color of the border that has the correct equation.

The kids will also be practicing buzzin' through the 2's by putting these
bees in the correct order and then recording their answers on the following sheet.

And lastly, here is a reader that practices positional words, such as "above, behind, in front of" etc.

Finally, to the fun part! :)

I will give away my new Ladybug Craftivity, File Folder Book, and Spring Math Centers to one lucky winner.  You can enter twice!
Here's how to win:
1. Follow my TPT store, leave comment below.
2. Follow my blog, leave comment below.

I will announce the winner soon!

Even if you don't win, here is a freebie that may be useful to you.


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