Saturday, September 14, 2013


Next week we will start our Apple Unit.  Here are a few activities that I created today.  Last week, we began working on sight words so I created this Color by Sight Word Activity to review the words we learned.

We have been working on learning the alphabet so I created this sheet to practice recalling letters and working on our handwriting.

The following letters are difficult for my students because they look so similar so I created a sorting activity to help recognize the difference.
I created this game to review numbers and counting.  Kids work with a partner, rolling a dice.  Each player gets a recording sheet and whatever number they roll, they count and then color on the recording sheet.  The first player to color all of the apples on his/her recording sheet is the winner.

And lastly, the students read the number and color word on each pan, and then color that many apples and cut and paste them onto the pan.

I hope to add many more activities to this packet!  
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