Tuesday, September 17, 2013

More Apples

This week we have been working on Apple Activities. 

I have added to my Apple Packet.  Here is a look at some of the activities I added.

Tomorrow I am going to introduce the word "see" and we will work on this emergent reader:

The kids will practice writing the word "see" and then coloring the apples the appropriate color.

I added another Color by Sight Word Activity.

My kids completed this rhyming activity today and they did an excellent job.  We went over the pictures and then they went to their tables and cut and pasted the matching rhyme.
I printed the following page to use as a Playdoh Mat.  

The students used Playdoh to build the word "can".  
They also practiced reading the sentence "I can see Johnny Appleseed".

And here is what we are working on in Science:

Today we began a file folder book.  The students colored the stem brown and the leaf green.  Then they choose red, green or yellow construction paper and tore and pasted them onto the apple.  My kids worked on this today, I just forgot to take pictures.  I will add later!

Tomorrow, we are going to work on labeling the apple.

And we will also be decorating the trees for each season.  They will color all of the trunks brown.  For winter they will tear white tissue paper and glue for snow.  For Spring, they will color green leaves and then tear and ball up small pink tissue paper and glue for blossoms.  For Summer, they will color the leaves green and tear and ball up small green apples.  And for fall, they will color the leaves green and ball up small red apples.  

Hope everyone is having a great week!
I will be back soon with more Apple Updates!


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