Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Yesterday we read Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  After reading the original story, we read this poem.  I copied the poem onto chart paper and we all searched for the sight words as a class.  After we practiced together, the kids did individual work, circling the sight words.

We practiced beginning sounds.  The students had to cut out the alphabet letter and glue it to the correct picture.

We worked on rhyming.  The students cut out pictures and glued them where they went.

We used Playdoh to build one of our sight words "big".

Here is a look at what I hope to accomplish today:
We are going to work on listening for the middle sound and gluing the picture where it should go.

I have a "Write the Room Activity" planned where I hide words around the room and the students go on a search 

and record the words on his/her recording sheet.

Today we will build the word "little" with Playdoh.

We are going to brainstorm and make a list of things that can be "big" or "little".

We are going to practice AB patterns by coloring a pattern on Papa.
We will practice saying the picture and then coloring the circles according to how many syllables we hear.

And we will play a game either with partners or in a small group in which we take turns spinning a spinner with the sight words "get", "little", "to" and "big".  When you land on a word you color it on your recording sheet.  The first player to "Catch Goldilocks" or color in all of their words is the winner!

I hope to add more activities to this packet.  To see it in my store, click here.

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  1. Good Morning--I just downloaded your Goldilocks packet on TPT, and the Write the Room, Beginning Sound Sheet, or Patterns weren't in there. Can you let me know where to find those? I followed the link so I assumed they were in that packet.