Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving Printables

Just one more day until Thanksgiving Break!  I have added a few more printables to my Thanksgiving Print and Go Pack.

We reviewed some of the sight words that we have been learning by coloring the little Indian boy.

I am running low on highlighters so I gave my kids yellow markers and this Sight Word Search.  They were quiet as a mouse.  They had so much fun.  It took them a little while to find the words, but they had fun and did a really great job.

We have been learning how to count by 2s.  This is a new concept for most of us so I put a number line at the top of the sheet and told the kids to circle the number 2 and then every other number.  Once all the numbers were circled the kids went back and wrote the numbers by 2s onto the turkey's bellies.  This really helped them to be able to count by 2s.

This sheet reviews beginning sounds.  The kids look at the picture on the turkey and then write the beginning sound.

We have not worked on blends yet this year.  We have been more focused on finding the beginning, middle and ending sounds of words, so I added this to the mix.  We will do this activity tomorrow.  I'm sure the kiddos will do great.  I have such a smart group!


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