Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Write the Room~ freebie included!

Write the Room is a great tool for getting your students up and moving while practicing sight words, spelling words, numbers, etc.

I'm sharing my Back to School file with you that you can try out for free.  The best part is that the text is editable, so you choose which skills get practiced. 

To edit the text, simply click inside each box that says "text", backspace and then type your own words.  You can choose your own font and font size.  Print the cards, and then cut along the black lines.

Since the boxes allow editing, these activities are easy to differentiate based on students needs.  While teaching Kindergarten, I've had some students come to school reading and some that do not know any letters.  You can easily adapt these activities to engage all learners.

If you have students that need alphabet practice, type letters onto the cards.
For students that are already reading, you could have them practice sight words.
As the year progresses, if you want to make Write the Room a little more challenging and engaging, type the words small and let the students use magnifying glasses.
If you would like to try my Back to School file for free, click here.

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