Thursday, February 9, 2017

First Grade Math Centers~ For any Theme

I have just added First Grade Math Centers to my store. 
This packet is non themed, so the centers can be used anytime of the year.

Here's what's included:

Matching Time to the Hour and Half Hour:
 Counting Up to 30:
 Number Words:
 Greater Than, Less Than, Equal to
 True/False Equations:
 Open and Closed Shapes:
 Counting Sides:
 Addition Sentences:
 Equal/Not Equal Parts:
 Add 3 Numbers, Use Doubles:
 Count Up and Down by 2's:
 Count Up and Down by 3's:
 Count Up and Down by 5's:
 Count Up and Down by 10's:
 Missing Signs:
 Subtract with Pictures:
 Ordering Numbers~ Least to Greatest:
Comparing Review (which has fewer):
 Count by Tens:
 Subtracting (one-digit numbers from two-digit numbers):
 Shapes in the Environment:
Fractions for the Group: 
Read a Thermometer: 
Fractions for the Whole: 
 Comparing Fractions:
 Add 3 Numbers:
You can find these centers here.


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