Thursday, February 27, 2020

"Egg"cited for Spring Bulletin Board Craft and Writing

These bunny themed name and writing crafts are so much fun to use for spring and Easter.  I love these crafts because they are easy to prep, engaging and adorable once completed.  Students will enjoy coloring a bunny topper and then cutting and pasting it above eggs for name practice or above their writing.
Students can record facts about spring if you are studying seasons and weather or they can write about why they like/dislike spring.
Letters are included that read, "Egg"cited for Spring.  These activities are super easy to turn into a display for hallways or bulletin boards.
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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Moon Craft and Writing

Do you love someone to the moon and back?  I wanted to share these adorable crafts with you!

This product contains a few different options.  Up first is the Love You to the Moon and Back crafts.  These are perfect for Valentine's, Mother's Day or Father's Day.  Students will have so much fun writing to someone they love.
Next, there are writing papers included that can be used anytime throughout the year as students learn about the moon.  These papers are perfect for recording moon facts.
There are also name crafts included.  These are so much fun for younger students.  I love these crafts because they are so easy to prep and fun for students.  Children simply color the toppers and then cut and paste them to their writing or name craft.
There are bulletin board letters included that read Love You to the Moon and Back and All About the Moon.  Here is an example of the bulletin board:
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Monday, February 17, 2020

Ladybug Bulletin Board

Are you looking for craft ideas, lessons or activities for spring?  I love these ladybug crafts!  These ladybug activities are so much fun and can be used by students as young as Preschool up through students in 2nd grade.  The ladybugs can be used to practice students' names or as a writing activity.  They make a wonderful display for hallways, classroom doors or bulletin boards once completed.

Here is a look at how these activities can be used.  The craft template can be copied onto colored paper and then cut and pasted together by the students.  The craft strengthens fine motor skills as students cut and glue the pieces together.  Once the craft is glued together, students can write 1 letter of his/her name onto each spot of the ladybug.
If students do not need practice building their names, they can complete the writing portion instead.
There are 2 sets of bulletin board letters included.  The first set says "We've Spotted Spring" and the 2nd says "Spotted Being Kind".  These ladybug crafts can be used in addition to your spring activities or for a lesson on kindness.  
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