Thursday, August 4, 2022

Back to School Craft and Bulletin Board Set

Today is the 4th day in August, and already the 3rd day of school for my kids.  Most districts around us are starting later than we did.  If you are looking for Back to School crafts, activities or a bulletin board display for August, you will love this Couldn't Have Picked a Sweeter Class set.
There is an apple template included that can be printed onto green, red or yellow paper.  Simply copy the craft templates, and then have students cut out the apple, seeds, stem, leaf and flesh.  Students write 1 letter of his/her name onto each seed for the name craft and then glue the pieces together to assemble.
I love this craft because it can be used for back to school, as students learn the letter A, or along with Apple units in the Fall.  You can see this craft in my TPT store by clicking here.

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Peacemaker Craft for Back to School

I wanted to share my newest TPT listing with you.  I absolutely love this product, which can be used in a public-school setting, for homeschoolers, Sunday School and more.  I think we can all agree on the importance of teaching children to be peacemakers, how to end strife, and to get along with each other.  This craft and writing set is great for the beginning of a new school year, but also can be used anytime throughout the year as students need refreshed on classroom rules, procedures and getting along with others.
This craft offers 10 different choices of children for the writing toppers.  There are peace signs included that can be cut and pasted above the writing paper.  Children can write 1 letter of his/her name onto each peace sign to spell his/her name.

This example shows how children can respond through writing about what makes him/her a peacemaker.
The girl topper with the peace signs shows a closer example of how the craft template can be colored and then used for a name craft.  The student just needs to write the letters of her name onto the peace signs.
The bible verse, Matthew 5:9 is also included in King James, English Standard and New International versions.  This option is perfect for those using the craft in Sunday School, Wednesday Night, VBS, homeschool settings and more.
There are also large bulletin board letters included in the download that read, Blessed Are the Peacemakers and I Am a Peacemaker.  

Click on the picture below to be taken to my store to see the product listing.

Friday, May 6, 2022

Easy Craft and Writing for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is this Sunday!  This school year is flying by!  I cannot believe it is almost over.  If you are looking for a Mother's Day craft for your students to complete, this craft and writing activity is super easy to prep.  

What you will need to do:  Print the bulletin board saying, cut and assemble.  Decide which craft template(s) you will be using and print.  

What students will need to do:  Color the craft pieces and then cut and glue together.  Students will respond through writing wishes for mom, why mom is dandy or why they couldn't have picked a better mom.

This lesson is designed to meet the abilities of students in Kindergarten, First or Second grades.  The craft makes an adorable display and is sure to be a hit by moms if they are coming into the classroom for Mother's Day.  Even, if you are not having a classroom celebration for moms, they will still enjoy receiving a special keepsake
Thank you so much for checking out my Dandelion Craft and Writing activities.  To see them in my store, clivk here.

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Strawberry Craft and Writing Activities

Everett's first grade class is taking a field trip to the strawberry patch at the end of this month, so I had to add a strawberry craft to my store.  This set has been added to my Growing Yearlong Bulletin Board set or can be purchased individually.  If your class will be taking a field trip too, this is such a great resource to get students talking about whether they like strawberries or not, if they have ever been to a pick strawberries before, etc.

The following bulletin board letters are included:
Berry Sweet Class
Berry Sweet Spring
Farm Fresh Strawberries
One Sweet Class
Welcome to Our Patch

There are 25 full sized writing pages plus strawberries and a bucket to complete a name craft and writing.
I love this lesson because it is so easy to prep.  Teachers simply print and then students color, cut, glue and respond to the writing.  

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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Kangaroo Craft and Writing Activities

I wanted to hop on here and share my newest Teachers Pay Teachers resource with you.  I love these kangaroo toppers.  They are just too cute!  I LOVE that this resource can be used so many different ways.  This set can be used for Back to School, Spring, Friendship, Kindness, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and when teaching about the letter Kk.  There are bulletin board letters included.  You simply decide which saying you want to use, print the letters on colorful paper, cut and hang.

There are 4 kangaroo craft toppers included for students to choose from.

Bulletin board options:
Hoppy to Be Your Friend
Hoppy Spring
Hoppy to Love Roo
I Love Roo
Hopping Into Spring
K Is for Kangaroo
Jumping Into Kindergarten
Jumping Into First Grade
Thank you for stopping by!  Head over to my store to see all the different writing options.

Friday, January 28, 2022

Sunflower Craft and Writing

Today I have been dreaming about springtime and warmer weather.  I thought I would share this sunflower craft and writing activity that is sure to brighten up bulletin board displays, doors or classroom decor.  The writing templates can be used for Valentine's Day or the activities can be completed during early spring lessons.

The following bulletin board letters are included:

Pure Sunshine

You Are My Sunshine

Let The Sun Shine In

All About Plants

All About Sunflowers

The "You Are My Sunshine" writing prompt can be used for Valentine's Day, spring or Mother's Day.

The seeds can be used for name practice.

The plant labeling activity makes an adorable craft.
There is also writing for when studying plants in the spring.
To see even more and to view this in my store.  Click here.  I hope you all have a bright, sun shiny day!

Monday, January 24, 2022

Volcano Name Craft and Writing

January is flying by!  I cannot believe it is almost February.  As you prepare for Valentine's Day, I thought I would share this Volcano Cut and Paste craft that comes with writing pages and hearts for name practice.  This volcano topper simply needs to be printed and then colored.  Students glue the hearts blasting out of the volcano and then write 1 letter of his/her name onto each heart.  Once the volcano is completed, students can also respond through writing about someone they "lava".  

This volcano craft also comes with generic writing paper that can be used anytime of the year when learning about volcanoes.  This craft makes an adorable display once completed.  To see this listing in my store, just follow the link here.