Plants Color by Code

We are only in the middle of January and haven't had a snow for the year, but while I was at the store this weekend, I noticed that all of the gardening materials are already out and ready for sale.  If you are one of the ones that like to plan in advance, I like to go ahead and start showing some of my spring products, even though we are just now seeing our cooler days.  Most PreK, Kindergarten and First grade classrooms study plants.  I designed this set of printables with Kindergarten and First graders in mind.  I like to have printables on hand because you just never know when you may come down sick, be called to a meeting or need to leave worksheets for a substitute.  Children will love this set of printables because they get to review the skills of plant needs and parts of a plant while coloring a plant themed picture.  This set of printables is simple enough that it can be left with a sub or placed in an early finisher basket or made into a Science center or rotation.  You can view some examples below and then click here to see this product in fuller detail.

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