Friday, March 27, 2020

Watermelon Name Craft Plus Writing

I wanted to share these watermelon crafts with you that are fun to use for an end of the year display.  There are name and writing crafts included.  These activities are super easy to prep.  Simply print the pages and have students color, cut and glue.  Students complete the name portion or the writing.  There are bulletin board letters included that say, This Year Was Sweet.

Students can glue the watermelon seeds above the watermelon or directly onto the watermelon.
There are also bulletin board letters included that say One In a Melon.  These activities are great to use in addition to your Back to School or All About Me activities.
To see everything that is included, just click on the picture below.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Officer Buckle and Gloria Craft and Bulletin Board Set

During our study of Community Helpers, I always love to read the book Officer Buckle and Gloria.  It is one of my favorite stories and great to use when discussing police officers.  I made these craft and writing activities that are a fun follow up to use after reading the story.  These activities can also be implemented at the beginning of the school year as you set up your rules and expectations with your class.  This activity pack includes an Officer Buckle craft topper and a Gloria topper.  Students just color and then cut.  There are badges included for name practice or writing and additional writing paper is also included.
These activities can easily be used to decorate the hallway, bulletin boards or classroom doors.  There are letters included that read The Most Important Safety Tip.  To see everything that is included, click here.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Spring Bulletin Board

Will you be teaching oviparous animals?  This set of craft and writing activities make a fun addition to your Oviparous units.  These crafts are great for young learners because students practice coloring and cutting skills while reviewing oviparous animals.  These activities can be used after discussing different types of animals that hatch from eggs.  Students color the chick topper and then write 1 letter each onto the cracked eggs to spell his or her name. 
There are writing pages also included.
These activities are easy to prep, fun for students and make an adorable bulletin board display once completed.  You can see everything that is included by clicking on the picture below.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Superhero Bulletin Board

Do you have a superhero theme in your classroom?  These activities make a wonderful display for classroom doors, hallways and bulletin boards.  A superhero theme is fun to use for Back to School or in addition to an All About Me Unit.

These activities are geared towards primary classrooms.  Younger students will have fun building his/her name.  There are different writing templates included as well.  Students can write about why he or she is special.
To see everything that is included, you can view these activities in my store here.

Spring Bulletin Board Ideas

It is almost spring!  I wanted to share these name and writing crafts with you that can easily be used to decorate a bulletin board.

The activities are best suited for PreK thru 2nd grades.  There is a frog, rabbit and duck topper included with raindrops.  The name crafts are great for younger students because the activities help strengthen fine motor skills as they color and then cut and paste their name.  
There are 15 different writing pages included to choose from as well.  Students can write about different topics such as whether they like spring or not or characteristics of spring.  The writing activities also make a great addition to use while studying rain or weather.
I love these activities because they are so easy to prep.  All you have to do is print, have students color, cut and paste.  Once completed, the crafts make an adorable display for hallways, bulletin boards or classroom doors.  
To see everything that is included in this lesson, you can view it in my store here.