Happy 100th Day! *Celebrating a Little Early*

So today is actually the 99th Day of School, but we started celebrating a little early just to make sure we can squeeze in all the fun activities. 
We wrote about what we would do if we had 100 dollars.  Here are some of my favorites:
Trey would buy a pig.
Lizeth would buy me a dog.  (Although Scooter wouldn't like that very much!)
Brandon would buy groceries.  Don't you love his picture?
Emma would buy a car.  She even made a road for it!
And Ryan would buy lots of things: Mickey Mouse, a job, a fruit roll up, and more money!

The kids also wrote about what they wish they could have 100 of.
Ryan wanted 100 motorcycles.

Brandon also wanted 100 motorcycles.

Lizeth wanted 100 barbies.

Cole wanted 100 dollars.

This was just a few of our writings.  They turned out really cute.

We also set out 10 different snacks and the kids practiced counting out 10 of each to make a total of 100.
Here's a look:

And this is a look at us starting to write 100 words.

Happy 100th Day!

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