Duck Dynasty & Frog Craftivity

During writing time, my kids are allowed to choose what they write about. 
Trey LOVES Duck Dynasty and has been choosing to write about it. 
It makes me happy, happy, happy! :)

"Si and Phil are fishing at the lake
and they caught 100 fish but Si caught 1000".
And here is another, "Si and Willie went
to Chucky Cheese and Si found
a gorilla stuffed animal that he wanted to buy".
We have been working on oviparous animals for the past couple of weeks.
Here is a look at the frog craftivity I created.

You can see more here.

The kids cut out the frog pieces and then glue them together.

Next, they estimate how far they can jump
(in the length of unifix cubes).
Then, they jump
and use unifix cubes to
measure how far they actually jumped.
Some of the kids made such good estimates!!
Brandon's estimate was only off by 6!

Cole came the closest.  He thought he could jump
the length of 60 unifix cubes, and he jumped the length of 62!

Here is the finished product!

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