Earth Day~ day 2

Today the kids enjoyed more Earth day fun!
We rotated classrooms,
and the kids were able to do an Earth
day activity in 5 different Kindergarten classrooms.
Here is a look at what the kids did in Mrs. Barnes' class.
She talked to them about recycling
and they put together trees from recycled material.

The kids visited Mrs. Monteith's class and she
allowed them to explore dirt. 
They examined their dirt under a microscope,
which they thought was so awesome. 
She also made them a "dirt" snack, which they loved! 
Here is a picture of Emma:

            This is a picture of the kids picking up trash from the playground.

Today we planted more flowers and also cleaned up all the rocks from our playground.
I made the kids a dirt pudding snack that had crushed up oreo cookies and gummy worms.
After they ate, I had them write about what their favorite thing was that they did yesterday or today.
Here are some of their responses (which normally they do much better writing but they felt the need to rush so that they could get back outside).

Chase wrote, "I like watering the plants".

 Lizeth wrote, "I like the flowers".

 Dylan wrote, "I love planting because planting is fun".
Trey LOVED the dirt pudding. 
He said, "Miss Tinsley had the power to
make the pudding". So funny! :)

Ryan wrote, "I have good luck and Lizeth and Brandon kissed." 
He even divided his picture into 2 separate parts. 
He thought he had good luck because Mrs. Monteith
gave them a dirt snack and then they had a dirt snack in my room also. 
And he just made the part about the kiss up.  :)

Jordan said, "Yesterday we got to plant some flowers".

Celebrating Earth day has been so much fun!

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