Memorial Day Weekend & a Freebie

Four day weekends are so nice!  Having a long break made me so ready for summer... just 7 more school days!

Here are some pictures from my weekend.

I am getting married June 22, so the bridesmaids and I hit up the Outlets in Georgia.
I bought this sweater and capris.

On Sunday nights, Eric and I go to church.  Then it is usually on to our separate houses because I have lesson plans to work on.  This Sunday was so nice because instead of working on lesson plans I got to relax with these two boys.
We rented Taken 2.  So good!

On Monday, we celebrated Memorial Day by eating at my aunt's house.  I made this banana pudding in a brand new dish that I got from one of our Showers.  The banana pudding turned out so yummy!

And I haven't been able to create much lately because we have been so busy with plans for upcoming Water Day, Kindergarten Graduation, Awards, End of the Year Party, etc... not to mention grades were due today... anyways, here is a freebie if you would like it.  The kids just think of words that can be made using the letters in "Ocean Animals" and then they write them.  Click here to go to the download.
How was your weekend?

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