Favorite Pins Friday

I am linking up with Cara Carroll from The First Grade Parade to share some of my favorite pins from the week.

Last week, I shared some new recipes I had tried.  This week I cooked some more!  Just click the picture to go to the original source.

Baked Ziti:
I made this last night and it turned out so good!  Can you believe my husband had never tried it before?!

Corn Pudding:
My husband has never had corn pudding either, so I tried this recipe.

I made this as one of our sides one night, and it turned out okay... wasn't the best in the world, but it was decent.  The only time I've ever had corn pudding is from this really good restaurant, so maybe I was just disappointed in mine because it didn't measure up.

Crockpot Mashed Potatoes:

These turned out to be a flop, but it was all my fault!  I probably shouldn't even tell what I did... not so smart...  The recipe says to cook on low for up to 4 hours, well I thought it would be smart to cook on high for 2 hours...  The poor potatoes did not get done AND it took FOREVER to clean the mess I made in the crockpot!  At least I learned you probably shouldn't cook vegetables on a high setting...

And this pin is just funny...

Eric's mom drives us crazy because she will only drink decaf coffee, so I thought this was funny!

And now I'm going to share some of my favorite classroom pins that I found this week:

This idea comes from Miss Kindergarten, and it is such a great idea.  Every year I get new students after the school year has began, so bagging everything they will need together in one place is brilliant!

I love organization, but sometimes I just need a little help getting started.  I love this idea.

Seeing this all nice and neat makes me want to go back to school shopping.  I am so ready for the school supply sales to begin!

And I will leave you with this pin, it is my favorite pin from the week.

Who doesn't love chevron and FREE?

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