Favorite Things Linky~ Beauty Basics

I am linking up with Across the Hall in 2nd 

to share my favorite beauty basics.

I will describe them in the order that I put them on.

I begin by using just a little bit of concealer if I need it.  I have recently found this kind by Maybelline.  It is great!

Next, I use just a little loose powder by Covergirl.
Then, I use Loreal's powder.  
It is my favorite because it matches well with my skin.

After I have my powder on, I apply Covergirl's rose silk blush.
I use Milani's beach sand eyeshadow.  
I LOVE it because it is so glittery and sparkly.

After the eyeshadow I use Covergirl's eyeliner, which is awesome because it goes on so easily and stays on.
I finish my eyes by using Maybelline's mascara.

And my favorite beauty product I have saved for last.  For my lips I have always loved lip gloss better than lip stick.  I use Loreal's Plumped Mauve lip gloss.

And that wraps up my makeup!  It sounds like a lot but I really don't wear that much!  Especially in the summer, I pretty much look like a bum.  :)  

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