Sunday Smorgasbord

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I am going to share some random fun from my weekend.  My mom, dad, husband, and myself all traveled to North Carolina for the holiday weekend to visit my brother and his wife.  It is a 5-6 hour drive to get there, and with all of our busy schedules we don't get to see them very often.  So during our weekend we tried to squeeze in as much fun as possible.

My brother and his wife live about 40 minutes from Raleigh, NC.  There is an IMAX theater in Raleigh, so we all bought tickets to go see the new Superman movie.

IMAX and 3D!  So much fun!  The movie was really good, but I got antsy near the end.  Don't get me wrong, I really did enjoy it.  I just can't sit still very long!

After the movie, we all went and ate at Chiles.  Later that night my brother order the UFC fight.  I really enjoy watching them, but I'm not into paying for them!  My brother paid $44.95 to watch the fights.  But they were really good.  The last fight was my favorite.

Anderson Silva had been the reigning champion for 7 years.  On Saturday's fight he went up against Chris Weidman.

Silva was very disrespectful towards Weidman.  He taunted him and mocked him throughout the fight.  In the end, it cost him the title.

Weidman was able to knock Silva out.  I am glad Weidman was able to defeat Silva.  No matter how good someone is at what they do, they shouldn't be that arrogant or disrespectful!


Some more random from my weekend...

I have a dachshund as you may know.  He's the sweetest, cutest, best behaved... I could go on and on... :)  (talk about being arrogant...)  And my brother and his wife have two dachshunds.  My brother decided to give them all a bath over the weekend.  Here is a picture of my Scooter getting his bath.

Isn't he sweet?!?!?!

And lastly, my  mom turned 57 this weekend.  Doesn't she look awesome?  :)

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