Throwback Thursday

Happy Thursday!! I am linking up with Mrs. Carroll for Throwback Thursday.

It won't be long before school will be back in action! I start back in less than a month. With back to school on the brain, I thought I would throw it back to how I manage behavior in my classroom.

  Originally posted on February 24, 2013

Each morning before the school announcements the students recite our school pledge which states, "I promise to be a respectful, responsible, honest citizen, and do my best at all times." Our classroom goal is to "bee" exceptional everyday. To manage behavior, I use this Clip Chart. Each student has a clothespin with his or her name. All of the children's clothespins begin each morning on "Ready to Learn". Throughout the day there are many opportunities for children to move their clips up or down. At the end of the day, if students are on Exceptional, Way to Go, Great, Ready to Learn, or Make Better Choices I give them a sticker to put on their Beehive Incentive Chart (see below). Once all of the black circles on the beehive have a sticker, children earn a trip to the treasure box.
Just for fun, our class works very hard to move their clip past Exceptional, to the "tippy, tippy top" or even off the chart. At the end of each day, the students that have moved their clip to "tippy, tippy top" or off the chart earn a trip to the treasure box in addition to a sticker for their beehive. Students love working hard in order to pick out a prize! Click here for the Clip Chart and Beehive Incentive Chart or here for only the Beehive Incentive Chart.

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