Classroom Pictures

I survived!  Today was my first day back to work!  The kids do not come for another week so I am not finished setting up my room, but I will show you a few pictures of what I have so far.

This is a picture of one set of cubbies.  My sweet mom made the curtains for me.  I purchased the fabric from Hobby Lobby.  She actually made these a year ago.  I just washed and ironed them, and they are ready to go!  It's kind of hard to tell from the picture but it is two different fabrics.  One piece is solid yellow and the bottom portion has little bees to go with my bee themed classroom.

Here is a peek inside the cubbies.  The students cubbies are labeled with name plates.  Each student has a basket to hold their 100 challenge reading books and students place their backpacks in the bottom of the cubby.

Color Words
This bulletin board was my word wall last year.  I changed it up and only put my color words here this year.  It's not that great of a picture, but it looks cute in person.  I actually have to make a correction though because I forgot to add the word "white".  This fabric also came from Hobby Lobby... love!

Word Wall

Once again, I apologize these pictures were taken with my phone!  But this is a look at my Alphabet and Word Wall this year.  I think I am going to like having the words in the center of the classroom.

Classroom Rules, Behavior Chart, and Incentive Charts
Each morning our students say the school pledge which states, "I promise to be a respectful, responsible, honest citizen, and do my best at all times".  Our classroom rules align with the school pledge.  I changed my behavior chart to make it more colorful.  If you want to see the one I used last year click here.  Each morning the students begin on "Ready to Learn".  Throughout the day there are opportunities for the kids to move their clips up or down.  If a student's clip is on "Make Better Choices", "Ready to Learn", "Great", "Way to Go", or "Exceptional" by the end of the day students earn a sticker to go on his/her incentive chart.  Once the incentive charts are filled up, the student can redeem a prize from the treasure box.  I have found this behavior system to work wonders.

And lastly, here is a look at the bulletin board outside of my classroom.
This picture is also hard to see, but the banner says, "Buzz on In" and the students each have their name on a bee.

I will be back with more pictures as I add to my classroom!  Thanks for stopping by!

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