FREE Sharp/Not Sharp Pencil Labels

Just hopping on to offer you a Freebie!

Last year, I had individual toolboxes for my kids that were used to hold their glue stick, scissors, eraser, crayons and pencil.  I had a cup of freshly sharpened pencils that the students were able to come and select one when their pencil became dull.   This worked well, but it wasn't very organized because I would just have them lay their dull pencil on my desk...

This year, I am using toolboxes again.  Last year they were black.  
But check out the cute colors I found this year!

Anyway, I plan to keep the pencils that are sharp and the pencils that are dull more organized by using either two cups or two small baskets with the following labels.

If you would like a copy you may download it here for FREE!

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