Helper Chart

Here is a look at my new Helper's Chart.

I have always limited my helpers to just 3 per day.  I find that it is easier for them and me to remember who is doing what.  Assembling this chart was very simple.  All I did is print out the bees and classroom helper sign.  I laminated them for durability and then wrote each child's name on the bee.  I added a small piece of Velcro to the bee and the door.  This Helper Chart is displayed on the front door of our classroom bathroom.  To keep up with who has been what I keep a chart that looks similar to this:

I keep this chart on the back of the bathroom door and then check off as each student has their turn.  I prefer using a chart instead of rotating helpers because I find it is more fair.  If I rotate helpers and a child is absent, the child loses his/her turn... but using the checklist ensures that each child gets equal opportunity.

To see more about this Helper Chart, click here.

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