Nursery Rhymes

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share five activities from my week.  This week I introduced a new Nursery Rhyme each day.  I introduced the Nursery Rhyme by reading it from chart paper.  After I read, we would read together as a class.  Then we watched a short 1 minute video of the nursery rhyme from Youtube.  After the kids heard the rhyme a few times, I would prepare them for their individual work.  We would focus back on the Nursery Rhyme that was written on chart paper, and I would have the kids look for certain letters or words.

Here is a look at Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

I had the kids look for two sight words: "the" and "like" and two letters "Oo" and "Pp".  We would complete the search as a class on chart paper and then they went to their tables and worked independently.

We also did a fun Star Name activity in which the kids:
1. Cut out a star.
2. Wrote their name.
3. Painted on the outer edge.

Here is an example of our group work from Hey Diddle Diddle.  We focused on finding the sight words "and" and "the" and the letter "Oo".

Here is our independent work:
Here is Kalea and Evan as they work.

We did the same process for Hickory Dickory Dock and Jack and Jill.  Here are pictures of our independent practice:

And lastly, for Jack Be Nimble I created a color by sight word activity.


We did a great job!  

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