Halloween Centers

This week has been crazy busy.  Monday and Tuesday were Teacher Workdays.  On Tuesday, we had a Parent Conference Day from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.  I had a really great turn out of parents that came.  I worked on a few Halloween Centers in-between conferences when I had a minute (which wasn't very often).  
Here is a look at a few of the things I made:

The first center is a Write the Room Activity.  There are 12 different words included that can be hidden around the room.  I let my kids use a clipboard, pencil and recording sheet as they walk around searching and recording the words that they find.  I also included a blank candy template if you would like to practice different words than what I have included.

For the next activity, there are 10 bats that have numbers on each wing.  The students choose one bat at a time, and then look at the two numbers on the bat.  Whichever number is the largest, is the one the student records on his/her recording sheet.

Next up, is Mummy's Middles.  Students pick up one mummy at a time, look at the picture on the mummy's belly and decide what sound they hear in the middle of the word.  Once they decide, they record the answer on their sheet.

And lastly, my students have struggled writing numbers in the correct order if they see a set that is scrambled up.  So, I created these pieces of candy corn to have 3 different numbers.  The student has to look at the numbers and then write them in the correct order on their sheet.

To see these Centers in my store, just click on the picture below.

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