I Am So Thankful Blog Hop!

We are celebrating all that we are thankful for and that includes teachers!  We want to show all of you how much we appreciate you.  Teachers do so much and this is our time to give back and say thank you!  Thank you for following!  Thank you for participating!  Thank you for collaborating!  Thank you for sharing!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Join us by hopping through each blog and gathering lots of Thanksgiving and autumn freebies.  In each freebie you will find a picture of a pie with a word on it. That word will tell you something that teacher is thankful for.  Record all of the words on your recording sheet and follow each blog along the way so that you can enter the amazing giveaway at the end!

You may start anywhere along the hop, but if you would like to start at the beginning you may go here.  This is also where you will go in the end, for the giveaway!!

You have made it to blog stop number 9.

Thank you for checking out my blog.  My freebie is an emergent reader that allows students to practice:
*reading and writing the sight word "my"
*recognize color words

Here is a look at the reader:

This reader has 9 pages, and will be available for FREE until November 10th. 
After the blog hop, it will become $1.
Grab your copy here.

Now hop over to the next stop on your journey:

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