Christmas Fun~ Stations, Printables, and a Sight Word Game

Just one more day of school before break... and it's a half day!  Yay!

I am just hopping on to show some of the Stations we completed this week.

This station practices blends.  Students choose a card and look at the picture and then record the beginning blend.

The next station practices adding within 5.  Students choose a tree, look at the problem, record the answer and color the tree to match.

This station has students practice counting.  Students count and then write the answer.

Chocolate Chip Addition:  Students look at the cookies and write an addition sentence and solve the equation.

Base Ten Numbers:  Students look at the picture and then write the number on the recording sheet.  

Students practice looking at groups of tens and counting to see how many.

Sight Word Scramble:  Students practice unscrambling and writing sight words.

Holly Jolly Sounds:  Students look at the picture and decide the beginning blend/digraph and then record the answer.

The following are two Color by Sight Word Printables.

And finally, I added a Sight Word Game:

In my Christmas Fun Pack there are 20 different Sight Word Cards.  Once the word is called students can cover the word.  The first player to cover all of the words on his/her card is the winner.

To see my Christmas Fun Pack, click here.

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