Arctic Freebie

Just hopping on to show you a few updates to my Arctic Freeze Packet and also offer you a freebie for checking it out.  It is time to test for Report Cards so I added a few assessment pages.

This is a cut and paste activity that has students matching opposites.  

This one is probably going to be a little more difficult for some of the kids, but it will be great practice.  We haven't completed this activity yet.  We ran out of time today.  The students just count forward from the number listed.

 My students did really well on this activity.  They wrote the number that comes next on the bottom of the snowman.

This activity was harder than I thought it would be.  I had my students write all capital letters without looking at our alphabet wall.  I only had ONE student that wrote correctly in all capital letters.  Most of my students did well, but they threw lowercase letters or backwards letters in as well.

This has been a crazy week back to school... we have had below normal temps... we were one of the only schools that did not go in on a delay today... even though all the other counties around us did...
We still have a field trip and MAP testing before our week is complete!  I hope all the kids MAP scores go up!  We are working hard!

I know you have probably had a crazy week back as well... so to lighten your load, just a little... please download the preview of my Arctic Freeze Packet and enjoy a sweet Freebie!

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