Froggy's First Kiss~ Craft & Writing

Yesterday we read Froggy's First Kiss.

It is one of my favorite books.  After reading the story, I could tell the kids really loved it as well.  So I decided to add a craft and writing to go along with it.

Today, we reviewed the story and then completed our craft.  The kids had to cut out shapes and glue them together to make a frog.  We made our frogs before lunch.  After lunch we came back and completed our writing.  

In the end of the story, Froggy gives a card to his mom and writes that he loves her.  So I did a shared writing lesson with the kids in which we all wrote "This little froggy loves..." and they had to finish what they loved.  I told them they could write anything they wanted to.

Here are some of our finished products.  Sorry the pictures are so blurry and difficult to read...  I took them with my iPhone.

"This little froggy loves Katie."  (his sister)

"This little froggy loves my mom."

"This little froggy loves Allison."  (her sister)

"This little froggy loves my dog."

"This little froggy loves my mom."  

The kids had so much fun with this activity and it turned out so adorable!!  To grab this for yourself just click on the picture below.

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