God Loves Us "Beary" Much

A few weeks ago I started teaching the 2's and 3's Sunday School class at my church.  I have never taught a group this young.  I was teaching a Middle/High School age group and then my Preacher asked me if I would be interested in teaching the littles.  I always enjoyed the older group, but the young kids are soooo much fun!!  They are where my heart truly is.  Tonight I put together a little activity that we will be working on this coming Sunday.  I thought I would post it so that you could use it if it would benefit you in anyway.

Last week, we learned about a father who went to Jesus to ask for help for his sick son.  This week we are continuing the lesson and find that Jesus tells the man to go home, his son is well.

I created this Sheet that retells the story.

Simply print and they are ready to go!  I am going to print these on white cardstock and let my class color the bear and then add heart stickers.  Just click on the bear above to go to your free copy.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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