President's Day & a Sale

This week we have been busy learning about our country.  We have completed many station activities.

Even though money is not in the Common Core Kindergarten Standards, it is still an important concept that students need to learn.  President's Day is a great time to introduce money.  We practiced counting dimes by tens and pennies by ones and then we recorded our answers.

We practiced short and long vowels.  The kids had to listen for the vowel sound, record the answer and then circle whether the sound was long or short.

The kids had fun rolling a dice, crossing out that many statues and then solving the subtraction problem.

The kids looked at the bows on the White House and solved the addition problems.

We practiced letter sounds by spelling CVC words.

We reviewed counting on by recording the number on the bell, and then counting up two more numbers.

Our last station for this week practiced reading and recording sight words.

Our class had Spring Pictures today and we have a Field Trip tomorrow... the good news... it's almost Friday! :)

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Happy shopping!

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