Five for Friday

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share 5 things from my week.

This week I began introducing my Spring Stations to the kids.  Here are two stations in which the kids had to work on beginning blends.

Today we worked on ABC order and the kids did really well.  I always tell them to underline the first letter in each word.  The kids cut and then pasted them in order.

My husband is off on Fridays, so today he came to school while we were finishing up lunch to get my car keys.  He took my car and had new back tires put on.  Well the kids had no idea why he was there so I let their writing topic for the day be "Why did Eric (or Mr. Black) come to school?"  They had the cutest ideas.

Mister Black wanted to play with us outside.

Mr. Black he came because he wanted to fall in love with Mrs. Black.

Mr. Black came to give Mrs. Black headache medicine and give Mrs. Black a kiss and give Mrs. Black another kiss.  
She was right in that he did bring me headache medicine!  

Eric came to give you something.

The kids probably saw him hand me some headache medicine.  I knew he was coming to get my car so I text him and told him I would love him forever if he would bring me some sinus medicine.  I've had a headache all week!

I think that Eric came to give you a kiss and to see if we was being good and to give you another kiss.

Told you they were cute! :)

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