Ocean Commotion Stations

Today I am off work for Memorial Day.  After today I only have 8 days of school left!  We have almost completed all of our work because we will have graduation and then 2 half days.  To wrap up the school year, the last unit we will be working on is an Ocean Unit.  Here is a look at some of the things we will be doing:

Adding Ten:
The students will grab a seahorse that will have a number on it.  They will add 10 to the number and then record the answer.

Unscramble the Sight Words: 
There are scrambled words on coral.  There is a word bank on the recording sheet if students have difficulty unscrambling the words. 

Write the Room:
For this activity I hide words around the classroom and then give the students a recording sheet and a clipboard.  They find and write the words and then read them to me. 

Whale's Digraphs:
Students grab a whale card and then record the digraph. 

Magic E Words:
Students pick up a fish card and then write the magic e words.

Starfish Addition:
Students select a card and then record addition problems that practice 3 addends. 

I hope to add more to this unit this week.  To see this item in my store just click on the picture below.

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