What I'm Wearing Now

I am linking up with Ideas By Jivey to share What I'm Wearing Now.

On Monday, I had my yearly eye appointment.  After I was finished at the eye doctor, I decided to run into Marshalls since it is nearby.  I also went into Belk. 

Here is what I found:

I bought these shoes at Marshalls.  I normally wear a size 10... I have a really long foot, but they only had an 8 1/2.  The 8 1/2 actually fit! :)

After stopping by Marshalls, I ran into Belk and picked up the Jessica Simpson earrings that I have been eyeing forever.

And then I came home and ordered a pair of Jessica Simpson heels.  I don't know how they will work because I haven't tried them on, but I thought they were cute online so we will see.  I hope they fit!  I really need black heels!

I've been a little bit of a bad girl this summer!  
I need to quit shopping!! :)

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  1. Online shopping has been my downfall this summer too! I LOVE both pairs of shoes, and those earrings are totally precious!
    ideas by jivey