Mailbox Labels

Just hopping on really quick to show you the labels that I made for my kids mailboxes.  My kids use mailboxes to put away their work until it is time for them to pack up.  I am not at school right now, so I cannot show you a picture of what our mailboxes look like.  The mailbox system that I use is actually a shoe storage that I bought from Kmart last year.  It has worked great.  I love having the kids place their work inside their mailbox until it is the end of the day and they transfer their work to their folders.  This saves them from having to drag out their book bag multiple times and pack their things.  Here is a look at the labels that I made for their mailboxes.  I laminate them for durability and then you can use either masking tape or hot glue to secure inside the mailbox.  Click on the picture to see the labels in my store.

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