Wordless Wednesday~ Apple Tree Bulletin Board

I am linking up with Christina from Second Grade Sugar and Spice for Wordless Wednesday.

This is our second week doing apple activities.  So, today we made apple trees to decorate our bulletin board in the hallway.  We did this fun activity that incorporated math, reading and writing.  The students had to cut out the shapes to make the trees.  Next, they cut out red, yellow or green apples and then wrote "I see (however many) (green, red, yellow) apples.  This activity was a fun way to practice cutting, counting, and reviewing the sight word "see".  It also reviewed the color words that we have been learning.

If you would like to grab this activity and a whole lot more, check out my Apples Mini Unit in my store.

Have you studied apples yet?  And if so, what fun things are you doing in your classroom?

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  1. Your apple trees are very cute! We just started apple week and are loving it! Yesterday we went on a field trip to an apple farm. I love thematic teaching don't you?

  2. Adorable trees! Cutting is a lost art form!
    Chickadee Jubilee