Monday, January 19, 2015

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.~ Math & Literacy Centers GIVEAWAY

I spent my day off creating a new packet.

This pack contains 12 Math & Literacy Stations.  I may add even more later this week.

All of the stations come with cards and recording sheets.

Here is what is included:

There are two stations that practice beginning digraphs.

There are two stations that practice ending digraphs. 

This station practices blends.

This station practices finding the middle sound.

I made this to practice counting on.  Students must put the number in their head and then count on and record the answer.

Students practice counting the kids (numbers 11-20).

This is a subtraction station.

This is an addition station.

My kids have not worked on answering addition and subtraction problems when they are mixed together so I created 2 of these stations for practice.

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