Community Helpers~ Five for Friday

This week I have been on Spring Break and it has flown by!  Usually if we get a day off from school I spend it catching up on school work.  However, this is the first break that I haven't done any school work.  My mom had to have surgery this week so I have been busy checking in with her.

Today I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share 5 highlights from our week before Spring Break.

This is two stations we did to practice adding ten to a number and subtracting ten from a number.  This was a little difficult for my Kinders but it was good practice for them.  The students grabbed a card, looked at the number, and then recorded the number that is ten more for the bus driver station.  The students recorded the number that is ten less for the librarian.

For this station, students practiced analyzing and comparing the crossing guards signs (shapes).  The students looked at each sign and recorded how many sides and corners of each shape.

Students counted tens and ones and then recorded the answer.

The students practiced numbers before and after.

We ended our week of Community Helpers by having Career Day at school.  Our Kindergarten classes got to see 5 rotations: fire fighters, policemen, a Blue Ridge electric worker, a garbage man and a bee keeper.

One of the best parts of our Career Day was getting to play with the officer's handcuffs.  He let the kids handcuff each other and he even handcuffed a few of them.  :)

The kids also went through the fire truck and then we took our picture as a group.

If you would like to see more of the activities from my Community Helpers Pack just click on the picture below.

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