Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hey, Little Ant Craft

Today we read "Hey, Little Ant". 

This is one of my favorite books to read during Spring.  If you have not read it before it is a really cute story in which a boy is going to step on an ant, but then the ant begins talking to the boy.  The ant tries to make the boy see things from his perspective.  The story ends with the boys shoe raised above the ant and the author asks the reader the question of what would you do?

After reading this story, I had my students write about whether they would step on the ant or let him go.  They completed an ant craft also.  The students chose whether they wanted to make a red or black ant.

Here is a look at how some of them turned out:

I only had one student that said yes, he would step on the ant.  He wrote, "Yes, I will squish the ant because the ant is mean".

I loved this one because she drew a shoe raised above the ant just like how the book ended.  She wrote, "I will not squish the ant because that will kill the ant".

This child wrote, "I am not killing ants because it will bite me back and the other ants will bite me too".

"I would not squish the ant because he might bight me".

This is all of them together:

If you would like to grab this craft from my store, just click on the picture below.

This product has a few options of how you can use it.
*You can have students respond to "Hey, Little Ant".
*Your students can complete the craft and then record a fact they have learned about ants.
*Your students can write about why they are "ant"sy for summer.  You can see where my students did this one year by clicking here.