Makeover Madness~ Round 3

I am linking up again with Peppy Zesty Teacherista, Sparkling in Second, Third in Hollywood and Teach Create Motivate for another round of Makeover Madness.

Updating and reworking products can be a little addicting!  :)  

When looking through my store, I found one of my products that still had my maiden name on the cover... so I updated the cover, and then began making updates to the whole product to give it a more crisp look.

The product was originally intended as a Mother's Day craft.  Students cut and pasted the bee and then wrote "I love my mom 'bee'cause...".  This product can still be used for Mother's Day.  The following writing paper is included:

However, I made this product more generic so that it can be used during the Spring or when learning about insects.  There is writing paper included for students to draw a picture and then record something he/she learned about bees.

To see the product in my store, click here.

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  1. Hi Brittani :) Love, love, love your blog design!! And your be craft product really stands out after the makeover:)! Great job:)