Kindergarten Assessments~ Print and Go!

Assessing Kindergarteners for Report Cards/Progress Reports can be a stressful time!  That is why I decided to create a Print and Go Assessment Pack that would make life easier.

This packet has assessments for both Reading and Math.  All you have to do is print the assessments and then see how your class is performing.  You may decide to keep these assessments in a large 3 ring binder or in individual pocket portfolios for each student.

Here is an example of how I assess:
I may test Everett in September using a yellow highlighter.  I would point to each uppercase letter and highlight the letters he knows.  In October, I would use a different color and then mark the letters he has added.  This particular assessment allows you to test a student up to 8 times.  I realize that is a LOT of testing, and most students would recognize letters more quickly than "Everett".  This is just a sample of how to use this assessment.

This packet comes with many printables that you can use for practice if you wish not to test your students.  I just like having these assessments for Parent/Teacher conferences.  These assessments are also a big help if you have a student that is not making adequate progress.  I have used them before when I met with Speech, Resource, ESOL, Principals, or any other member that may have a part in helping the student learn.

To see more about this Assessment Pack, click here.

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