Five for Friday~ Freebie included

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share 5 highlights from my week. 
If double ear infection had a face:
Is that not just pitiful?  This is Everett's first time being sick.  He had a cold and I took him to the doctor last Friday, and found out that both of his ears were infected as well.  It's been a rough week for him.  But we are thankful that he is getting better and that he made it 8 months before getting sick.
I added a few more pages to my Fractions Fun~ Print and Go.
I added some Write the Room activities to my store.  These activities practice CVC words.  Students look at the pictures, unscramble the CVC words and then record the words onto the corresponding sheet.  The bee center is FREE and can be found by clicking on the picture below.
If you would like more practice with Write the Room and unscrambling CVC words, click on the frog to see my Spring edition:
Click on the bear to see Write the Room using bears, skunks, raccoons and owls.
I added some new clipart for Easter.  It's only $1.
Lastly, I wish I had taken a picture... I don't know why I didn't.  But, Spring cleaning has been in overload at my house.  I am not a hoarder, but I have problems getting rid of clothes.  Even if I have something I haven't worn in years, I always think I may wear it again one day.  Well, the mood struck to clean out and I got rid of 2 and a half bags of clothes this week.  My closet looks sooo much better.  But, what is sad, is that I have bins under my bed that need to be gone through as well.  Have you done any Spring cleaning?  Is it hard for you to get rid of things too??


  1. Your poor baby boy! It's so sad to see them sick. He does look miserable.

    Getting rid of clothes is definitely hard to do! I try to do a purge twice a year, but I still struggled. Well...I might fit into it again some day! LOL

  2. Oh, give that little guy a hug and hope the meds kick in soon :( You hang in too, because it sure isn't easy on the mama. Happy spring cleaning! See you around. Kathleen

  3. Poor little guy - ear infections are the worst! Good job with your cleaning! Hope you'll be sleeping better this week!