Five for Friday~ Plus Giveaway!

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share 5 highlights from my week. 
How much are you enjoying Krista's 50,000 follower celebration over at TPT's?!?!  I have been so excited!  Have you bought anything?  So far, I have bought these deals:
My son's room is decorated in forest animals.  We are planning on having a forest themed party for his first birthday, so I thought these animals would be perfect for his invitations.  I've had my eye on them forever, and I was so excited when I saw she marked them 50 percent off!
This week, I added some Compound Word puzzles to my store.  There are 20 different puzzles and 2 printables included.  To see more, just click here.
When I was making the Compound Word Puzzles, I could only find puzzle clipart that was square.  I wanted some that was longer on one side.  So, I made these.
I also made these for Easter:
Both sets are $1 each.

I added this Write the Room activity to my store for Easter.
Students find the cards, look at the pictures, unscramble the CVC word and record the word onto the corresponding sheet.
Lastly, The Pencil Grip, Inc. contacted me about doing a review and giveaway of their pencil grips. 

If you have not already entered to win a 3 pack of grips, you can do so here.

Hope you all have a Happy Easter!

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  1. Your Write the Room activity is very cute! Thanks for sharing!