Back to School Ideas

I am hopping on really quick to share some printables with you that can help with starting back to school. 

These items are all available for just a couple dollars each!

This product is my most recent and is on sale for $1.50.  Students practice counting teen numbers by cutting and pasting cars onto the "road".
 The next three items also practice numbers.
 This Teen Number Fun packet is my most purchased item in my store:
This item is great for introducing numbers.
 These three items help with color words:
This item practices shapes and colors.
This item is new also and I love it because the students can use crayons or bingo markers.  There are two different versions.  One option has the students color and then count how many capital and lowercase letters were found.  The other option just has students search only (no counting).

Lastly, this packet practices searching and writing letters:
I hope you found something useful!  :)

I am off to play with this cuteness!

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