Color by Code Packets

Did you know that I have now bundled my Color by Code Packets? 
There are 22 packets included for only $20.  That's less than $1 a packet!  To see everything included in the bundle, click here.

All of these packets can also be purchased individually.

I'm going to share 5 new packets that I have just recently added.

This packet has students coloring mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and amphibians to reveal a Pond themed background.  These printables are perfect if you teach 2nd grade science.

This packet contains 4 printables.  Two of the printables practice Parts of a Plant and two practice Plant Needs.  These printables are perfect for First Grade Science.

This packet has students practicing the following sight words:
a, all, am, an, and, are, be, big, can, do, for, go, had, has, have, he, in, is, it, like, little, love, me, my, no, of, on, one, said, see, she, the, to, up, we, what, will, you

Students practice identifying 2D shapes in this Christmas themed packet.

Lastly, students practice identifying 3D Shapes in this Ocean~ Color by Code.

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