Penguin Craft and a Freebie!

Hey, friends!  Are you looking for a fun way to decorate your classroom this winter?  This penguin craft has you covered!  The penguin comes with feathers for the head (optional), ice cubes and 5 different choices for a belly: solid white belly, lined belly with the title "Penguins, dotted lined belly with the title "Penguins", lined belly (no title), or a dotted lined belly (no title).  The ice cubes can be used for name practice, number order, etc.  To see this activity in my store visit: here.

Also, I have these FREE alphabet pages that you may enjoy that can be used for practice or assessment.  Students can practice tracing and writing the given letter, or you can have them trace and then record the missing letter to complete the pair.  You can grab these here.
Hope the rest of your weekend goes by nice and slow!  ;)

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