Presidents' Day and UPDATES

Since it is the first day of February, I wanted to share my new crafts for Presidents' Day with you.  I have added a simple George Washington and Abraham Lincoln craft and writing packet to my shop.  They make an adorable display for bulletin boards, hallways and doors.  They come with two choices of writing paper: lines and dotted lines.  Simply, print the pieces onto colored paper, have students cut, paste, and complete the writing portion.  The writing can be stapled or glued underneath the craft.
I also wanted to share with you that many of my items have received new fonts and clipart.  If you already own these, be sure to re-download for the free updates!
Here is a look at some of the items that have been updated recently:
I'll leave you with these... How cute are these melting snowmen?!
Pin for later:


  1. The President's Day crafts are so cute! What a great way to celebrate!

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