Thursday, October 10, 2019

Fall Color Word Practice

It is finally starting to feel a little like Fall here in South Carolina.  My 4 year old is learning to read color words, so I made these Fall themed activities to help him practice.

The color mats are easy to print.  Simply print the mats and leaves and then laminate for durability.  They come in 2 different printing options.  The print comes in all black to be more challenging, or the print comes in color.  Add Velcro dots above the color words and to the right of the mats in the empty boxes.
Next, cut out the leaves and then add Velcro to the back of them and place on the empty squares.
Have students match the leaves to the corresponding color words.  These Velcro mats make great activities for centers, stations, small groups, morning work and more.
There are also printables included for additional practice.
These Color Word Mats include practice with falling leaves, acorns, owls and monster's eyes.  Click here to see everything that is included.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Free Fall Activity Bundle for Kindergarten

My favorite season is here!  Well, if it only felt like Fall outside!  In South Carolina, it is still hot!  I have been in short sleeves, shorts and flip flops everyday still!  Hopefully, it will start cooling down soon!  I have teamed up with 13 of my friends to share some Fall themed freebies with you.  First up, are my Free Alphabet Mats.  These Mats have real life Fall pictures in the background with alphabet letters on top.  The letters are big and white.  This allows students to practice the alphabet by coloring, tracing or building with playdough.   The mats can also be used as a letter match activity in which students match magnetic letters to the corresponding letters on the mats.
You can grab this free resource in my store by clicking here.
Be sure to grab 13 more freebies!  I'll list the links for you below.

Simple Halloween Crafts from @literacywiththelittles

Fall Beginning and Ending Sounds from @alleahmaree

Pumpkin Patch Patterns from

Fall Sight Word Activities from @livelaughilovekindergarten

Fall Name Activity from @iteachfromtheheart

Fall Shape Tree from @sandboxacademy

Halloween Rhymes from 

Pre-Writing Halloween Activities from @thecurioushippo

Fall Play Dough Mats from @sweetforkindergarten

Fall Color Puzzles from @itskindertime

Count, Write, Make: Pumpkin Patch  from @creatingharmonyinlife

Fall Measurement Play Dough Mats: @engaginglittles

Pumpkin Life Cycle from @thestayathometeacher 

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Construction Sensory Bins

Do you use Sensory Bins in your classroom?  I love this set of Construction Themed Sensory Bins!  These activities are perfect for Preschool, Homeschool or Kindergarten and can be used for morning work, small group, or for Literacy and Math centers.  There are 3 Literacy and 3 Math centers included in my resource, which I will link here.  I will share a few of the activities included.  

Building Numbers 0-20
Just add your choice of manipulative and students can practice building the number.
Letter Trace:
Students can use dry erase markers to trace lowercase letters.  Students can also use beans, rocks or another manipulative to build the letters.
Letter Match:
Students practice matching the rock to the correct truck.  There are options included for students to match capital to capital, or lowercase to capital. 
 Sound Match:
Students match the pictures to the correct beginning sound.
To see more of what is included, you can find this packet in my store here.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Apple Craft and Bulletin Board

Are you looking for a fun and easy apple activity for young learners?  I designed this apple template to practice several different skills for little learners.  The craft comes with a leaf, a stem, skin and flesh that are easy for young children to cut out.  The seeds are a little smaller to give students more challenge as they practice scissor skills.  This lesson is great to use in the Fall.  Once students cut and paste the apple together, they can write one letter of their name onto each seed.

This craftivity can easily be turned into a Bulletin Board by printing, cutting and hanging the letters that read, Couldn't Have "Picked" a Sweeter Class.
You can find this activity in my store, by clicking here.  Or click on any of the pictures to pin for later.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Kindergarten Write the Room Bundle

Do you use Write the Room activities in your classroom?  My students always loved these centers!  Write the Room is such a great way to get students up and moving and engaged in learning.  I wanted to share some of the centers from my Kindergarten bundle with you.

This bundle will continue to grow, but here is what is included so far:

Here is a look at a few of the centers:
2D Shapes Write the Room
 Subitize Write the Room
 Beginning Sounds Write the Room
These centers are so easy to prep!  Simply print, laminate for durability, cut and the cards are ready to be hung around the room for students to find.  Students can use clipboards to secure their recording sheet.  Students walk around the room, find the cards, and then record the answer on his/her sheet.  Or the cards can be placed in centers, stations, morning tubs, etc.

You can find the bundle by clicking here or pin any of the pictures to save this post for later.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Fall Bulletin Board

I am so ready for Fall!  My husband has a few days off from work and my son does not have school tomorrow so we are planning on heading to the Apple Orchard.  I wanted to share this Name Practice activity with you that makes an adorable Bulletin Board display.  This packet includes a little blue truck template with pumpkins.  Students simply cut and paste the trucks together and then add a pumpkin for each letter in his/her name.  Students write 1 letter of his/her name onto each pumpkin to complete the craft.  This craft template is simple and perfect for students with beginning scissor skills.
Here are a few examples of the craft: 

This craft also comes with letters that read "Happy Fall" or "Happy Fall Y'all".  Just print, cut and hang.
You can find this activity here or save for later by pinning any of the pictures.

All About Me Craft

I wanted to share my newest craft and writing activity with you.  I love this craft so much for Back to School or as an addition to an All About Me Unit.  The craft template is simple, providing practice to students that are just beginning to use scissors.  Students simply cut out the pieces and then glue to make a boy or girl that looks like them.  To prep this craft, just copy the patterns onto different colors of paper and have students select the type of skin and hair etc. that most closely looks like them.  There are 4 different writing options that can be seen here.  The templates range from fill in the blank to lined writing pages.  The fill in the blank can be answered by the student or the teacher can fill in what the students says (for younger students).  Two different styles of lined paper are included for students that are ready to write.  This project is a great activity to have students present to the class.  Students will have so much fun as they listen to their classmates tell all about themselves!

You can check out this Craftivity here.  Or save this post for later by pinning any of the pictures.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

We're Something to Crow About Fall Bulletin Board

Oh my goodness!  I am loving this cutie for Fall!  I just added a crow cut and paste activity that makes an adorable Bulletin Board display.  This craftivity comes with kernel corn cut outs for name practice or 4 different choices of writing paper if students are ready to write.  

 To see everything that is included in this packet, just click here.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Back to School Bulletin Board and Crafts

      I know I feel like this every year, but I cannot believe it is already Back to School time!  I am having a really hard time dealing!!  My oldest starts half day PreK in less than a week and it has me all kinds of sad at how quickly the time goes!  
     I wanted to share a name practice idea and a craft and writing that are fun to use at the beginning of a new school year.  Both of these activities can be turned into a Bulletin Board display or the activities can be hung in a classroom or displayed on a door.
     Up first, is a name practice activity.  I kept the template very basic as a way to practice fine motor cutting skills.  Students simply cut and paste the apple and worm.  Students write 1 letter of his/her name onto each circle of the worm.If you have students that are ready to write and need something more challenging than building his or her name, I have also included a craft and writing template.  Students can write about something they hope to learn this year, something they are looking forward to about Fall, etc.  Since these are apple crafts, they also work well with Fall right around the corner.  There are 2 choices of lined writing paper included.
This packet includes letters that read: "Apple"solutely Ready for Fall and "Apple"solutely Ready for School.
 You can see more of what is included by clicking here.

Or pin it for later by using any of the pictures!

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Pom Pom Centers Plus a FREEBIE

My oldest son starts half day PreK in a few weeks.  I made some activities for him to practice basic skills such as letters, shapes and numbers.  I am so excited to share them with you!  These activities are perfect for Preschool and Kindergarten.  I love that they practice fine motor skills as well.  Each activity can be printed and placed in a clear view pocket (such as the dry erase kind), or the activities can be laminated and then placed in a Math or Literacy center.  Just add your favorite manipulatives. I chose to use pom poms.

First up are Letter Cards.  The cards come in 4 different printing options:  
-Full sheet color
-Full sheet black and white
-Half sheet color
-Half sheet black and white

Students practice building capital and lowercase letters.

Shape Mats:
Students practice building 2D shapes.  These sheets come in a color and black and white print option.

I made Find and Cover Alphabet and number sheets to help practice letter and number identification.

The Find and Cover Numbers 0-10 is FREE to download in my store here.

All of these sheets can also be used as Print and Go activities.  Just grab markers, crayons, colored pencils, bingo dabbers, etc and you have activities for morning work, small groups, sub tubs, fast finishers and more!
If you haven't already grabbed the Number Freebie, just click the picture below!
I hope you loved these activities!  Be sure to check these out it my money saving bundle here!